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Connext Connext helps you understand your potential, identifying and utilizing market opportunities through strategic planning and rigorous analysis. Connext uses experience and talent to create and implement strategies that aim to encourage the consumers behaviour change. We combine unique characteristics and market opportunities to grow and expand our business in the region. Founded in 2009,our growth is based on quality marketing services, creative design and undisputable expertise in this field.

A marketing and communication agency that offers solutions for a wide range of institutions, companies and businesses. Connext offers quality marketing and communications services and products.

Connext's focus is to serve clients intertwining talent and experience to guarantee a successful payback of their investment in marketing.

Connext helps you understand your potential by identifying and exploiting market opportunities through strategic planning and meticulous analysis.



Creating and implementing innovative, special advertising campaigns and their management on media channels.


While basing our work and recommendation on market facts and marketing, we develop strategic planning which is combined with the company's target and vision.


Creation, improvement and development of brands and company's image with the final goal of creating a good reputation.


Planning, organizing and media time purchase to advertise your company and a professional plan structure which allows for an effective use of resources and creates a large impact on the target group.


Implementation of an effective media-plan intertwined with the message of the campaign concept

Creative Development

Striving to guarantee an effective set of messages, designs and elements to leave the right impressions at the specified target

Graphic Design

Creation of impressive visual design for marketing products or promotions with the goal to inspire and inform.


Using latest technologies to print books, brochures, flyers, catalogues, etc., stressing quality and applying eco-friendly printing techniques.


Creating and organizing a full package of necessary services to create an event with the guarantee that no matter the purpose of the event or its dimensions, a successful event is held.


We offer this service and a key ingredient of advertising, designing a well-built online portal and maintaining it in a professional way. We guarantee a satisfying project built from our creative and experienced designers.


We offer personalized promotional materials and presents which can be used as a marketing tool and as an effective way to gain the customers loyalty.


We create high-quality corporate videos, which offer visual attraction and deliver specific images to the chosen target group. Processing communication forms and ways and adapting them depending on the product type to offer excellent public relation services.


Processing communication forms and ways and adapting them depending on the product type to offer excellent public relation services.

SMS & E-mail marketing

Direct marketing creation through filtering a large database of personal and/or business contacts (electronic mail and personal numbers) to which we send customised message to the specified target.


GOAL-ORIENTED We understand business and guarantee that what we offer aims to improve the brand and its reputation, or increase sales or earnings. Positive results are our company's profit
FLEXIBLE We are flexible, especially with loyal customers. Flexibility can be based on the project or on the budget, depending on the client's need.
COST-EFFECTIVE We offer high-quality services and products with reasonable and competitive prices.
COLLABORATION We work closely with our clients aiming to understand their needs, taste and desires. We make them be a part of the project updating them on the development of the specific project.

MISSION To offer creative and qualitative marketing and communication services which aim to guarantee success and growth for our business partners who have marketing needs.
VISION To be an undisputable partner of businesses and to be the first-choice company for marketing and communications products and services in the region..

Quality We measure our work based on quality not quantity. It is very important for us to meet and even surpass the quality standard and to input our passion for high quality to our products and services. We explore creative ideas and inclusive marketing solutions which aim to satisfy the preset quality standards.
Commitment We are committed to meet and surpass our clients expectations engaging with passion, effort and experience to fulfill the needs and desires of the client.
Integrity We believe in the necessity of following ethic standards during our work. We also believe in the fact that the base of our partnership with our clients is made of transparency and mutual trust.
Passion Our work goes along with our passion for marketing, creativity and innovation. Combining passion with our skills and experience, we offer services and products that are of a high quality. We love our job and we love the fact that our clients remain satisfied.
Creativity We strongly believe that the secret to campaign's success is based on how special and creative it is. We believe in powerful and intelligent concepts which help us position each campaign built as successful offering attractive and professional designs brought to being according to the clients needs and demands.
Information We believe that constant updated information and contact with the market trends as well as business developments make for an important success factor. We try to always be equipped with the correct information about modern tools and marketing solutions.
People We believe that the most important asset of our company are our people. We believe that the most important asset of our company are our people. We are a skilled and enthusiast team of professionals who offer ideas and creative work. For this reason, we follow strategies that aim to develop and professionally grow each one of our employees as well as strategic rewarding systems to motivate them.

We listen When we begin working on a project, we bring to gather and process the correct information about the company, products and its services to understand the actual situation.
We think Working together with our client, we identify the brands value, unique marketing messages and preset target.
We solve Our team thinks for a appropriate solution for your challenges in marketing and submits its concept proposals through oral and visual presentation.
We create Our designers create designs and visual campaigns which are suitable and interesting, that support the directions given from the Marketing Department team, which create the base concept.
We intertwine We produce and conduct high quality work, within preset deadlines and adjusted to the budget, to guarantee the success of your communications in the marketing field.

In our efforts to meet objectives and manifest our vision, Connext will focus on:
Building our brand
It is very important for us to increase Connext's recognition, to strengthen our brand name and to build a brand that is widely and positively known in the market.
Business Growth We aim to grow our business in two ways. First, we aim to open a new branch in FYROM.
Second, we try to widen the range of our products and services. We aim for growth, as well as focusing on quality.
Utilizing the Power of Technology We aim to always use the latest technology to simplify the work processes and guarantee the quality of the offered products and services.
Encouraging Employee Development We believe in the commitment of our employees and in the commitment to apply our working philosophy in Connext. We also believe that our skills can be professionally developed and in the positive results of different kind of trainings. We commit in the growth and development of our employees
Strengthening the Workplace It is very important for us to stress the importance of our company's culture. Without any doubt we wish to build a supporting work environment, applying successful motivating and rewarding techniques.
To Be the First Choice We believe that combining our commitment to quality, the focus of achieving the clients satisfaction and the strategy to train and motivate employees, we will be competitive at a reginal level.

We believe in creating a close cooperation with our clients. Through a correct and interactive communication at an intellectual and emotional level with them, we can collect the necessary information to develop which aim to meet their objectives. We are flexible and adapt to the needs our clients.As a company that offers a full package of services and products of marketing and communications, we stress the importance of quality.This, while doing the impossible to ensure the clients satisfaction through real-time feedback, effective communication and a fast return on investment.For us, every project is a fantastic opportunity to find successful solutions based on specific requests from each client or job.Each process of our work, from designing to strategy building serves to translate the message, identity and purpose in an understandable language to their clients.

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